Wireless routers and routers in general can be difficult to setup if you have no prior experience. The location, the way you setup the router and having all of your devices interact appropriately can take a bit of persistence even for the most tech savvy individual.

Follow this Belkin router setup to get up and running as soon as possible.

Install the Drivers

Belkin Wireless Router Setup Guide

First things first, your router may be recognized by your operating system, or it may not be recognized. In either case, you will want to install the factory recommended drivers on your computer. Within the box that the router came in, there should be a DVD or CD available.

Place the disc into your computer and follow the installation instructions that are prompted on the screen.

If your DVD or CD Rom broke or you do not have one for some reason, you can download the drivers right online. This is done by going to the support website and finding the drivers for your respective modem. The site is not always easy to navigate, but there is a search feature that will help you with your setup.

Now, download the .exe and follow the setup instructions provided.

Hardware Setup

The router is pretty straightforward and will only come with a regular AC adapter to provide power. You will want to unpack your router and place it in the room where your PC is located. If you plan on using your router all throughout your home, you will want to pick a central room that has a cable outlet.

I would highly recommend placing the router anywhere but the attic or basement if you want to have the utmost in connectivity.

Once you have put the power on, you will need to connect the actual Internet cable to your router.

  1. Locate your cable or ADSL modem.
  2. Plug an Ethernet plug into one of the modem’s open ports.
  3. Plug the Ethernet plug into the router.

Plug Power Tip

Oftentimes, you will not receive a signal because you have not powered on the devices properly. If this occurs, you will want to disconnect the power from both the modem and your router. After waiting 30 – 60 seconds, plug back in the modem and wait for all of the lights to go on.

Once the modem and all of the correct LED lights are illuminated, plug in the router.

Gather Information

You will not be able to access the Internet without the proper password being supplied. Every Belkin router setup requires you to look at the bottom of the router for both the SSID and password that comes as a default with the router. This is the information needed to:

  • Choose the right connection needed for the next section.
  • Access the Internet with the password provided.

If you do not have this information, you will be locked out of the Internet and will need to contact Belkin.

Checking Your Connectivity

After the hardware setup, your computer should now recognize the new Internet connection. You can view all of your Internet connections using a Windows-based operating system by looking at your notification area on the bottom right of your screen and clicking either the plug or bar icon.

Now, click on your respective signal and test your Internet. If you are not able to connect, you can try unplugging all devices and trying again. A signal should be broadcasted as long as all of the lights on your modem and router are illuminated.

If you are connected but you cannot access the Internet, you may have to call your Internet provider.

Advanced Setup

You may want to provide more advancements with your router. There are a slew of features that you can access and changes you can make to further secure and customize your Internet connection.

Access the Control Page

Belkin makes it very easy to access their router’s setup page and it can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Open up your Internet browser.
  2. Within the address bar, type: or http://router.

Connect to the Internet

Now you will be prompted with a slew of options. If you are connected to the Internet but cannot actually access the Internet, you can click on the “Let’s Connect to the Internet” button. This will attempt to get you online.

Update Firmware

Following this, you may be prompted with a firmware update. If an update is available, you must install it to ensure that you are adequately protected. Once complete, you will want to bolster your security further and choose your encryption type.

Update Your Network Name and Password

Ideally, you will choose the WPA2 option and change your network name and password accordingly. You need to have this information on-hand at all times and Belkin makes it easy. Remember the Gather Information section of this article? In the same spot, there is a place to write out your new name and password.

All that is left to do is register, located at the bottom of the page, and you will be directed to the router’s dashboard with further advanced options. For the average person, you can simply close this page and be on your way. If you want to fine-tune your experience, all of the options are self-explanatory.

Now, you have successfully completed your Belkin router setup. Connecting other devices will require your network name and password as well as a wireless network card. Tablets, laptops and game consoles will come with these cards already installed in most cases.